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The Master of Science in Forensic Science (M.S.F.S.) is offered by Arcadia University in partnership with the Fredric Rieders Family Renaissance Foundation (FRFRF) and in collaboration with NMS Labs, one of the nation’s premier forensic science laboratories. Both facilities are about 10 minutes from Arcadia University in Willow Grove, Pa. A significant portion of the coursework is conducted at the FRFRF facility, and forensic practitioners from NMS Labs provide a substantial part of the instruction.   

Among forensic college programs, Arcadia is unique in its partnership with the FRFRF and association with the internationally known NMS Labs, which is frequently involved in high-profile cases as well as serving the local law enforcement community. This professional alliance provides a source of adjunct instructors, a forensic library, invaluable links to the forensic science community, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and facilities.

Arcadia believes that hands-on forensic science experience is essential. Arcadia's 12-credit guaranteed internship at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education is a unique feature not available at other colleges with forensic science. This highly desirable, comprehensive, and intensive 14-week internal internship program gives every student valuable real-world experience and career preparation in three areas: Forensic Biology, Forensic Toxicology, and Forensic Chemistry.

Arcadia Forensic Science students take classes with renown forensic scientists on site at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education, where fully-equipped labs and smart classrooms provide a personal, hands-on learning experience.

Arcadia students benefit from internship and part-time employment opportunities at one of the nation's premier forensic science laboratories — NMS Labs in Willow Grove, Pa. Interaction in forensic science laboratories with established researchers and practitioners, often involving case material, is a unique feature of Arcadia's Forensic Science program. Students also have opportunities to conduct original forensic research at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education.


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