Arcadia Online Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the information below to ensure that you have a successful beginning to your online course.

How Do I Access My Online Course?

First, login to MyArcadia, the University's portal (password-protected Web site for internal use).  The first time you login, you will be asked to create a set of security questions.  Using these questions, you will be able to reset/change your password anytime and anywhere if you ever forget your password or it expires.  Once you have logged in, click on the "Blackboard" link under "Campus Tools", at the top left of your browser window.  You will be redirected to Blackboard, Arcadia's Course Management System.  Here, you can access your course and participate in course activities.

In order to prepare for your online course, you should login before the course begins to ensure that you have access to the system.  A link for your course will be found in the “Current Semester Courses” box on your home screen.  If you are currently enrolled in a course(s) that is missing from the list, check the box to show “Other Courses” or “Unavailable Courses”. Your course can also be found under the "Courses" tab of Blackboard. (Note: Courses will become available shortly before the course begins; they will appear as “unavailable” before this time.)

  1. Open your Internet browser (i.e. Firefox or Chrome) to this address: (no "www").
  2. Login with your username - (i.e. "jsmith" all lowercase).
  3. Enter your password (Forgot password or need to reset it?)
  4. Click the Login button.
  5. Click the Blackboard icon under Campus Tools.
  6. To access your course, the link will be found under the “Current Semester Courses” box on your home screen.  If you are currently enrolled in a course(s) that is missing from the list, check the box to show “Other Courses” or “Unavailable Courses”. Note: Courses will be unavailable until the Instructor makes it available.

How Do I Access My Arcadia E-mail?

It is important that you check your Arcadia e-mail account as this will be used for all course correspondence other than information that is posted in your Blackboard course. You should check your e-mail before your course begins. To do so, please follow the directions below:

  1. Login to MyArcadia ( )
  2. In the Tools module (left-side of the screen) click on Student E-mail.

If you experience any difficulties accessing MyArcadia, please contact or call 215-572-2898.

Can I Buy Books Online?

Textbooks for most online courses can be purchased online through Arcadia's Bookstore*. However, some courses may utilize online resources and may not require a text. Some courses may require additional materials, but you will be notified of these when you enter your online course. To get to Arcadia's Bookstore online, follow the directions below:

  1. From your Internet browser, go to
  2. Click on the link for Textbooks
  3. Select a Campus Term
  4. Select your department, course, and section
  5. Follow the directions for checkout

*MBA textbooks are not available through the Bookstore. They can be ordered from online bookstore retailers such as

What Software/Hardware Do I Need?

Student Computer Requirements: Before your online course begins, check to make sure that you have the proper hardware and software.

How Do I Access Arcadia Library Resources?

Landman Library provides access to all library databases for online students.  Follow the directions below to access the online databases and other library resources:

1.    Login to MyArcadia (

2.    Click on the Landman Library icon on the left to go to the library home page.

3.    From the library home page, scroll down to view an alphabetical list of databases along with brief descriptions of what kind of material is available in each database.

4.    Search through the online databases to find scholarly journal articles that pertain to your online course.  If you have difficulty navigating the interface of a particular database, or have any questions at all pertaining to your research, please don’t hesitate to contact a reference librarian at, or by phone at 215-572-2138.  You can even chat with a reference librarian through Meebo instant messaging by clicking on “Ask a Librarian” at the top right of the library home page.

5.    If you need the full text of an article that is not available through one of the databases, you may choose to fill out an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) request form.  There is a link to the ILL request form on the lower left hand side of the library home page.

How Can I Plan for Success as an Online Student?

  • Check to make sure that you have all of the necessary hardware and software before your class begins.
  • Order your course materials in advance so that you will have them at the beginning of the course.
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined, it is a good idea to login each day and keep up with the discussions and assignments that you are being asked to complete - set up a schedule.
  • Please let your instructor know, as soon as possible, if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty.
  • Be prepared to spend an average of 12 to 15 hours per week on your coursework, but plan to spend as much time as necessary as this will vary depending upon the course.
  • Check your e-mail frequently. If you send a question to your instructor, please allow a reasonable amount of time for the response.
  • Interact with the other students in your class and have fun while you are learning!

What Do I If I Want to Add, Drop or Withdraw From a Course?

How Can I Get IT Support?

If you have questions that are of a technical nature, please call the helpdesk at 215-572-2898, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or e-mail In some instances an e-mail to your instructor may help resolve the issue.

If you have questions about getting started in your online course (other than technical), contact Margi Wallace at 804-484-2322 or by e-mail,