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Civility: The members of the Arcadia University Community encourage all individuals and groups to behave with civility. A community upholding civility respects the rights of individuals and groups. It is characterized by understanding and considerations of the differences among members of the community. More.

Civility in Action is an initiative to encourage Arcadia University's students, faculty, and staff to move from a statement to action.  This is in response to a student's comment that "absence of in-civility is not the presence of civility."

The Civility in Action Leadership Discussion Series is an Office Institutional Diversity sponsored initiative purposed to engage the campus community in discussions about issues effecting civility and social justice on campus, in our neighboring communities, and in the world. The series will introduce University community members to persons and practitioners who serve as “profiles of civility” in their leadership and example of modeling Arcadia’s Civility Statement. The series also serves as a resource for developing and supporting ideas, experiences, and the presentation of global perspectives for engaging issues of civility and social justice.

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