Dual Degree Program:
Public Health and International Peace & Conflict Resolution

About the Dual Degree 

This dual degree option in Public Health and IPCR prepares students to integrate their knowledge of public health, along with program development, implementation and evaluation skills, to assist in conflict resolution. The Nyerere Centre for Peace Research in Arusha, Tanzania, operated in cooperation with the multi-nation East African Community, provides unique opportunities for international research and service learning.

IPCR is one of the few graduate programs in the field of conflict resolution with a built-in overseas component. In addition to the second-year study abroad component, IPCR students have the option of participating in weeklong intensive "preview" field studies during their first year. Students may travel to Northern Ireland in the fall, and/or to Costa Rica or Ukraine in the spring. This dual-degree program is 74-77 credits and requires international experiences.

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