Physician Assistant Expenses

Approximate costs are calculated annually and subject to change. Please note that all tuition listed is for 2014-15.

M.M.S. (Physician Assistant)

For students entering in May of 2014, tuition for the two-year Master of Medical Science (Physician Assistant) program is as follows:

  • Year One: $38,250 (Includes Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters)
  • Year Two: $TBD (plan on tuition increasing approximately 4%)

Fees and Expenses Not Covered By Tuition

  • Technology/Lab Fee (paid over the life of the program): $1,500
  • AAPA Student Membership (required) (one-time fee that expires four months after date of graduation): $75
  • Mandatory clearances, which include criminal background checks, immunization tracking, child abuse screening, etc. Additional costs associated with drug screening varies upon clinical rotation: $225
  • Estimated books, supplies and medical equipment
    Didactic phase: $1,500
    Clinical phase: $500
  • Fees (registration and parking): $190/year
  • Students are required to cover housing and transportation costs related to all off-campus and clinical experiences
  • Students are required to bring their own laptop computer to PA classes
  • University provided student health insurance 2013-14 annual premium: $1160*

Medical Insurance

Upon enrollment into their programs, all students must provide proof of medical insurance and also provide information about their health and medical history. If needed, medical insurance can be purchased through the University. Information and applications are available in the Office of the Student Health Services.