Why Choose Arcadia?

Arcadia’s Physician Assistant program provides students from across the country with the foundation for professional growth through personal attention, diverse clinical experience, and a commitment to excellence. With quality instruction and clinical opportunities, the program continues to enjoy an exceptional pass rate on the National Commission on the Certification of PAs board examinations. Arcadia offers state-of-the-art facilities, international study abroad opportunities, student activities and organizations, and provides students with laptops and access to online resources and materials.

What PA Students Say About Arcadia

  • “It has an excellent national reputation.”
  • “It is an absolutely beautiful campus.”
  • “I like the idea of being a student in the first program ever in Delaware!”
  • “I like the international study aspect of the University.”
  • “I chose Arcadia because of the integration of technology with laptops and the simulated patient.”
  • “Many of the faculty still practice clinically.”
  • “The strong board pass rate.”
  • “I like the opportunity for urban/suburban/inner city and rural clinical rotations.”
  • “The dual-degree programs.”
  • “Shadowing experiences right from the beginning—exposure right away!”
  • “Everyone seemed honest, friendly, and helpful, which are all qualities I greatly admire.”
  • “The faculty really care about the students—it shows!”
  • “[Current] student endorsements.”
  • “I was impressed with the classroom year including the cadaver lab and the medical Spanish.”
  • “I chose Arcadia because of the welcome feeling I got when I visited. It reminded me of my undergrad college and sorta felt like home.”
  • “During my interview, I noticed how friendly and personable the faculty was. I felt welcomed immediately.”
  • “I liked how one of the main themes of the day was for us to ask ourselves if Arcadia was the right fit for us. That made the process feel more down to earth and welcoming.”
  • “When I went for the interview, I was hooked! It was great!”