Dual Degree: International Peace & Conflict Resolution and International Relations and Diplomacy

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About the Dual Degree Program

Arcadia University and its partner institution in France, the American Graduate School in Paris, jointly offer an accelerated Dual Masters program allowing students to earn two Master’s degrees in three years.

A Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, at Arcadia University, and a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy, at the American Graduate School in Paris. Students also have the opportunity to earn a certificate of concentration in the following areas of study, along with their M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy: African Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, NGO Management.

The accelerated dual degree program permits students to earn two Masters degrees in three years instead of four years.

Students in this program spend three semesters in the United States, at Arcadia University, and three semesters in Paris, France, at the American Graduate School in Paris. They may choose to start the program at either of the two institutions. Each portion of the program provides a different cultural and academic experience, while both have in common a challenging and student-dedicated learning environment.

The AGS/IPCR Dual Degree program is structured to develop competencies in:

  • Theories and dynamics of international relations, conflict, conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction and development, international law & organizations.
  • Tools and techniques of conflict management, conflict resolution and conflict transformation.
  • Conflict analysis, which involves developing an understanding of how states and other third parties impact conflict.
  • The methods used to diffuse conflict on a variety of levels— interpersonal, groups and institutions.
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on the fields of international relations, international diplomacy, international peace and conflict resolution.
  • Analysis of the roots of foreign policy actions and their influences (geographic, linguistic, religious, institutional, sociological, etc.).
  • History of political formulation and implementation of foreign policy.
  • Critical thinking skills and research methods, which span the spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Cultural sensitivity and inter-cultural understandings through international and field experiences and an extended cross-cultural experience, which enhances students’ ability to work in diverse international settings.
  • Oral presentation and communication skills.

The knowledge and skills acquired during this dual degree program can be applied to a vast array of fields in government, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as international business and other professional areas involving interaction at the international level: human rights, diplomacy, international law, humanitarian relief, environmental policymaking, sustainable development, and conflict management, among others. The combination of the two degrees will enhance students’ career options in these various fields.

About Arcadia’s Partner in France

The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) has been Arcadia’s partner since 2006. AGS is a non-profit institution offering U.S. higher education programs in France. All courses are taught in English. The school takes advantage of the many opportunities that Paris offers in the study and practice of international relations, with the presence of numerous intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and diplomatic missions. This, combined with the school’s multicultural faculty and student body, provides students with a true international experience.


  • Amy Cox, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program
  • Eileen Servidio, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of International Law at Arcadia University’s partner institution in France, the American Graduate School in Paris; President the School of International Relations and Diplomacy at the American Graduate School in Paris
  • Ashley Stepanek, M.A., Academic Coordinator at the American Graduate School in Paris


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