Requirements for the Combined Program in Engineering

(96 credits at Arcadia University; two years at Columbia University)

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1. Four courses in Mathematics

  • MA201 Calculus I
  • MA202 Calculus II
  • MA203 Calculus III
  • MA352 Differential Equations

2. One course in Chemistry

  • CH 111 Conceptual Chemistry I
    Strongly Recommended
  • CH 112 Conceptual Chemistry II

3. Two courses in Physics

  • PH 211 Conceptual Physics I
  • PH 212 Conceptual Physics II

4. The following two courses:

  • EC 210 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • CS 201 Problem-Solving with Algorithms and Programming I (Java)

5. Electives that would satisfy the Undergraduate Curriculum requirements of Arcadia University.

Additional Requirements

1. For the combined program in Applied Math, Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering:

  • PH 324 Atomic Physics
  • One additional 300-level Physics course.

2. For the combined program in Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering: Physical Chemistry and/or Organic Chemistry

Students must satisfy all degree requirements of a major and the Arcadia University Undergraduate Curriculum at Arcadia University. (Please see individual departmental sections.)

To guarantee admission to Columbia University, students seeking admissions into the program shall have satisfied:

  1. A minimum of 3.30 cumulative average GPA for all courses taken at Arcadia University. In addition, the minimum grade of each pre-engineering science and mathematics prerequisite must be "B" the first time the course was taken.
  2. Each pre-requisite course must be taken at Arcadia University.
  3. Students must have three positive letters of recommendation from Arcadia University; one from a co-coordinator, one from a science professor, and one from a mathematics professor. Both professors need to have taught the student in his or her sophomore year or later.
  4. Applicants who do not meet these criteria may apply, but admissions is not guaranteed.

Since Columbia’s requirements may change, students are encouraged to consult Columbia University’s Web page for the 3+2 program or an engineering adviser.


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