Requirements for the B.A. in Biology and the M.A. in Education

(62 credits as listed below, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128)

1. Nine courses in Biology:

  • BI 101, 102 General Biology I, II
  • BI 201 Evolution and Population Biology
  • BI 204 Genetics
  • BI 211 Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
  • BI 222 Plant Biology or BI 329 Ecology (Recommended)
  • BI 242 Biological Research Methods
  • BI 290 Junior Seminar in Biology (2 credits)
  • BI 490 Senior Seminar in Biology (4 credits)

2. Two courses in Chemistry

  • CH 101, 102 Modern Chemical Concepts I, II 
    or CH 111, 112 Conceptual Chemistry I, II 

3. Two cognate courses in Mathematics (MA 110 or higher), or Chemistry (CH 201 or higher), or Physics (PH 201, 202, 211, or 212)

4. Three additional Biology electives at the 300 level.  Aquatic Biology (BI 331) is recommended.  For some career goals, additional electives may be necessary.

Master’s-Level Courses

(The M.A.Ed. in Environmental Education requires 30 graduate credits.)
Environmental Studies Courses

1. Two Foundations of Education courses (any course between ED 501 and 510; ED 503 is recommended)

2. A minimum of five Environmental Studies courses

The following courses are offered in cooperation with the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education:

  • ES 501  Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ES 502  Field Natural History
  • ES 503  Meteorology
  • ES 504  Human Ecology: Use of Natural Resources
  • ES 505  Earth Science
  • ES 506  Society and the Environment
  • ES 510 Introduction to Field Studies
  • ES 511  Aquatic Ecology

3. Electives and Education Courses may be selected to complete the remaining credits.

4. Culminating Project (ED 596 or 589; chosen in consultation with the Science Education coordinator)

Additional courses in Education and Environmental Science will be required if the student is working toward a Pennsylvania certification. This program must be worked out with the Science Education Coordinator.

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