Minor in Global Public Health

The minor in Global Public Health provides students with the opportunity to learn about public health principles from a global perspective. Public health issues are explored from different disciplines and perspectives, including epidemiology, ethics, anthropology, sociology and health policy.  Students also examine global health analytic frameworks, international institutions, and methods to understand and address health inequities. 

Interested students should meet with their major advisers and with Dr. Andrea Crivelli-Kovach, Director of Community and Global Public Health Programs. Participating students must declare their intent through the Registrar’s Office.

Requirements for the Minor

The Global Public Health minor consists of 5 courses (22-24 credits).

1. Four Core Courses (14-16 credits)

  • PBH 110 Introduction to Public Health
  • PBH 120 Global Public Health
  • PBH 250 Epidemiology: The Science of Public Health
  • PBH 320 Health Policy, Law and Bioethics

2. Two Elective Course chosen from the following courses:

  • AN 272 Cultures, Conflict and Power
  • AN 361 Social Change: Globalization and Culture
  • PBH 381 Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies 
  • PY 203 Health Psychology
  • SO 260 Sociology of Health Care
  • SO 280 Sociology of AIDS and HIV
  • SO 286 Health and Human Rights


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