Requirements for the B.A. in Global Security and Emergency Management

(47-52 credits as listed here and Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives)

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Security and Emergency Management fosters an awareness of the various schools of thought and social theories on the origins, nature and extent of democracy, sovereignty, terrorism, and security. Courses stress the relationship between issues of national security and power, global inequality, and geopolitical change.

Common Curriculum

(34-36 credits as listed here)

1. Nine courses in Sociology/Criminal Justice/Global Security and Emergency Management/Political Science

  • CJ 160 Crime and Punishment
  • PS 270 Introduction to Security Studies
  • PS 211 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
  • SO 201 Writing for Sociology
  • GS 281 Social Aspects of Disaster and Recovery
  • CJ 375 Theories of Deviance and Criminality
  • SO 330 Research Methods I
  • SO 490 Senior Seminar I
  • SO 491 Senior Seminar II

2. One required course in Mathematics

  • MA 141 Elementary Statistics

3. Language courses through the 202 level.

4. Additional Requirements (20-24 credits)

In addition to the core courses, students select three courses from the Law Enforcement and Legal Processes cluster and three courses from the International Studies cluster.

Law Enforcement and Legal Processes Cluster

  • BA 230 Legal Environment of Business
  • CJ 225 Criminal Investigation
  • CJ 226 Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction
  • CJ 250 Policing and Society
  • CJ 290 Surveillance and Social Control
  • PS 110 Law and the Legal Process
  • PS 218 Criminal Law and Procedures
  • PS 220 American Constitutional Law
  • PS 411 Introduction to International Law
  • PY 270 Forensic Psychology
  • SO 363 Internship in Sociology

International Affairs Cluster

  • AN 272 Cultures Conflict and Power
  • AN 361 Social Change: Globalization and Culture
  • BA 101 International Business
  • BA 232 International Environmental and Legal Issues for Business
  • CJ 275 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  • HS 110 The West in the World, From the Great Voyages of Discovery to 9/11
  • HS/PS 211/212 The Modern Middle East
  • HS 228 America as Empire
  • HS 285 Special Topics: The Rise of the Islamic Empire in Middle East
  • IS 120 Global Public Health
  • IS 130 Modern Mediterranean World
  • IS 330 Social Life of War: Political, Cultural and Identity Process in Global Conflict
  • IS 320 Global Poverty and Inequality
  • PS 225 Politics of the Developing World
  • PS 240 United States Foreign Policy
  • PS 241 International Relations
  • PS 243 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • PS 370 International Human Rights
  • PS 385 Special Studies: International Security
  • US 207 Global Citizenship

With approval of the Director of the Global Security and Emergency Management major, students may be able to count other courses taken at Arcadia or elsewhere as electives toward completion of the major.


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