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Honors Community: in Philadelphia and on Campus
TedX Arcadia University April 2012 Honors students make the most of Arcadia’s close proximity to Philadelphia by visiting places such as the Franklin Fountain (one of the oldest ice cream shoppes in America), the National Constitution Center, the Philadelphia Zoo, and ethnic restaurants. Students enjoy a Phildelphia-themed scavenger hunt. Honors students also are involved in the creation of campus-wide events, including a TEDx conference on leadership and passion, alumni networking panels, and purely fun events such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In addition to upperclass mentors, Honors students also have alumni networking mentors. These are just a few ways Honors students are engaged with the campus and the community.

Excursions, Occasions &  Opportunities

  • Off-campus excursions to theatrical, musical and dance events, including premier museums and restaurants.
  • Social get-togethers to foster camaraderie, plan for future events, share overseas experiences, and celebrate special occasions.
  • Service learning projects organized by Honors students that include creating political debates to increase student engagement, creating living legacy trees with neighboring nursing homes, developing college readiness with at-risk youth organizations, and creating libraries for local homeless shelters.
  • Study abroad and domestic experiences, with courses designed especially for Honors students. Recent courses included study in Greece, Romania and Italy.
  • Opportunities for one-on-one mentorships with professors and alumni.
  • Honors courses that offer topics, interdisciplinary work and research possibilities outside of the regular course schedule.
  • An opportunity to be part of a community of students who strive for academic excellence, scholarly inquiry and leadership.
  • Participation in the annual National Collegiate Honors Council Conference for select students.


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