Pathways to Study Abroad: Mathematics

Majors in the Computer Science and Mathematics Department are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the study abroad opportunities that Arcadia University offers. In recent years, students have studied at universities in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and Italy. All benefited greatly from their experiences.

Students who plan to study abroad should meet with their advisers as soon as possible to discuss their options. This is especially true given that several of the Department’s upper-level courses are taught on an alternating year basis. Therefore, the best semesters to study abroad might differ from year to year. Several courses are part of sequences, and students are advised to take those entire sequences at Arcadia.

Many majors elect not to take any math or computing courses during the semester abroad, instead choosing humanities and social science courses that fulfill Undergraduate Curriculum requirements. These latter courses are more apt to help students gain a rich knowledge and appreciation of the culture of the country in which they are studying.

Since it is important that students plan ahead for study abroad, they should consult with their advisers as soon as possible and make their intentions known to the Department Chair and the Associate Dean of International Affairs.

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