Dan Aaron Stay Fit Exercise Program

For Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
or Multiple Sclerosis

The Stay Fit Program is for those individuals who desire to exercise and keep active, but cannot go to a regular gym or Y.M.C.A. because of slowness, stiffness, balance or safety issues. Participants exercise in a group under the direction of physical therapist students, directly supervised by 2 physical therapists with experience in the treatment of individuals with neurologic disease. Most levels of disability of persons with either Parkinson disease or multiple sclerosis can be accommodated.

All participants require a referral or clearance to exercise from a physician. Before entry into the group setting, each individual will meet with one of the physical therapists for an individual evaluation to determine the appropriate level of initial activity.

The class meets twice a week for an hour each time during the Fall and Spring academic semesters at Arcadia University and on a once a week basis during the summer. The cost is $5 for each attendance. Download Brochure.

The Stay Fit program does not replace specific physical therapy when needed and cannot be reimbursed as physical therapy.

Two major goals are accomplished with this program: Individuals have a safe place to exercise, and Arcadia's physical therapy students experience extended learning, under supervision, with individuals who are actively managing a chronic disease.

This program is funded in part by a grant from the Parkinson Council.

For further information please contact:

Janet Readinger, PT, DPT
Phone 215-572-2144 / Fax 215-572-2157
Email: readingj@arcadia.edu 


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