Pathways to Study Abroad in History

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History majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a variety of reasons, including directly experiencing societies being studied, making friendships and connections that can last a lifetime, and practicing foreign language skills. Above all, personal familiarity with foreign cultures is a mind-expanding experience that is extremely valuable in an ever more interconnected world.

History majors who plan to study abroad typically should do so during the summer, sophomore or junior years only. Senior year involves the completion of a yearlong research project, which requires the student to be on Arcadia campus.

Students studying abroad typically do so for one semester. However, some students choose to study abroad for an entire academic year or more. Ideally, students should choose study abroad courses that fit directly into their academic interests, prospective senior research project ideas, and/or future career goals.

If studying a foreign language or expertise in a foreign language serves future career needs, students are advised to study in a country where that language is used. This is by far the best way to develop foreign language proficiency quickly.

Visit the University’s website for Pathways to Study Abroad ( Since it is important that students plan ahead for study abroad, they should consult with their adviser as soon as possible and make their intentions known to the Department Chair and the Associate Dean of International Affairs.

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