• YFY-670


    Whether you are a freshman or transfer student, your first year at Arcadia sets the stage for your educational career. You will study interesting topics, become immersed in campus life, work alongside classmates and faculty, and engage in local and global communities to make a difference.

    FY-seminar-300First-Year Seminars

    The academic core of the first-year experience revolves around our First-Year Seminar—a small, interactive class where you explore topics that interest you. Class excursions include trips to Broadway, museums, farms, and nature parks. All incoming freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 19 credits are required to take a First-Year Seminar.

    FY-cuba-IMG_0309Explore the World Spring Semester

    Want to explore the world your first year? Arcadia is the only university to subsidize a unique Preview program, which gives you an opportunity to study a global topic and experience culture in places like Austria, China, Cuba, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Korea at an affordable cost. Locations change each year.

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