Homeschool Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid at Arcadia University

Federal Financial Aid

Homeschooled students who satisfy the final regulations are eligible to receive financial aid without taking an ability-to-benefit test.  Final regulations allow a homeschooled student to be eligible for financial assistance if the student satisfies his or her state's requirements pertaining to homeschools.  If the state requires a homeschooled student to obtain a certificate of completion, that becomes the requirement for the student to establish Title IV (federal) aid eligibility.  If the state merely exempts a homeschooled student from compulsory attendance requirements under state law, then the student's certification that he or she completed a secondary school education in a homeschool setting is sufficient for Title IV eligibility.

*Source: NASFAA  

Pennsylvania State Financial Aid

If the homeschooler has completed a diploma program which is properly registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to issue secondary school graduation credentials for post-secondary school admittance and PHEAA grants and loans*, or if they are the recipient of a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (GED- please visit to locate a testing center near you) they will receive consideration for PHEAA state aid, provided they file the FAFSA by the required deadline.  The list of organizations recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as diploma programs can be found at Also, if a student was not in one of the organizations mentioned above, but certification has been received from the local school district superintendent that he/she complied with Public School Law 24 13227, they are eligible. Students who reside in other states may want to contact their state's Board of Education to inquire about the requirements regarding college student aid.

*Source: Pennsylvania Department of Education

Arcadia University Financial Aid

Arcadia University Grants are allocated to full-time undergraduate students on the basis of need and are supported by endowments and the generosity of annual gifts of Arcadia University alumni and friends.  Full-time undergraduate students that apply for financial aid are evaluated for Arcadia University Grants each year, based on the information supplied on the FAFSA form.


Students may qualify for a Federal Work Study award on the basis of financial need, as determined by the information supplied on the FAFSA form. If awarded Federal Work Study as part of the financial aid package, students will be given a campus job and will receive a monthly paycheck for any hours worked.

Scholarships at Arcadia University

The Distinguished Scholarship recognizes academic excellence, outstanding leadership, and community and volunteer service. 2013-14 Academic year awards range up to $21,000 annually. There is no separate application for the Distinguished Scholarship. All full-time students are considered for the award upon acceptance to Arcadia University.  The priority deadline for Distinguished Scholarship Consideration is January 15.”

The Arcadia University Achievement Award honors exceptional participation in school activities, community service, volunteer work or special talents. For 2013-2014 academic year, awards range from $1,000 to $12,000 annually.   Like the Distinguished Scholarship, students are automatically considered for an Achievement Award upon acceptance to the University. The priority deadline for Achievement Award Consideration is March 1.”

Both awards are renewable provided the student remains in good academic standing and is enrolled full time on the undergraduate level.



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