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Although transfer students who are offered admission to the full-time program for the fall semester have until May 1 to notify the University of their decision to attend (in accordance with the University Board Candidates' Reply Date), they should submit a deposit as soon as they have made a decision. (Students accepted after May 1 are given two weeks to submit their deposits.) Those who submit earlier deposits will have an advantage in housing opportunities. Historically, all students who submit deposits by May 1 have received housing. Transfer students accepted for the spring semester must submit their deposits prior to the start of the semester.

For Spring 2013/Fall 2013, resident students are required to submit a deposit of $400; commuter students, $200. This deposit is credited against the charges for the following semester, but it is not refundable should students not enter the University on the date for which they are accepted.

For students who are enrolled in an academic program at the time of their acceptance, it is understood that they will maintain the same level of academic achievement through the remainder of their current program. If a student's work falls below a satisfactory level, the acceptance may be rescinded.

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