Alternate Freshman Admissions Plans

Early Admission

Well-qualified, highly motivated students who have demonstrated personal and social maturity may enter the University at the end of their junior year rather than completing graduation requirements in high school. A personal interview is required, as is the written approval of parents, plus that of a guidance counselor or principal along with the credentials required of all freshman applicants.

Deferred Admission

Arcadia University will consider student requests to defer enrollment for up to one year on a case-by-case basis.  Students who have been admitted and want to request a deferral should mail or email their request to the Vice President for Enrollment Management.  The request for deferral should include:

  • Future term in which you would wish to enroll (can be no later than 1 year after original term of admission.)
  • Explicit reason(s) for deferring, including detailed and specific plans for the interim period.
  • Student should identify how the 'gap' year will improve their suitability for college, and/or better prepare them for their academic career, and/or what they plan on accomplishing during the year before college.

Mail to:
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Office of Enrollment Management
Arcadia University
450 South Easton Road
Glenside, PA 19038

Or, email to: (you can email an attachment or include it in the body of the email.

Entrance at Mid-Year

Students may be admitted for the spring semester. Applicants are urged to consult with an Enrollment Management counselor as to the feasibility of entrance at mid-year in light of the curriculum they have chosen.

Gateway to Success/ACT 101

Students identified by the Office of Enrollment Management as having potential to succeed at Arcadia University, despite some modest elements in their credentials, may be offered admission via Gateway to Success or via the ACT 101 support program.

Students accepted under the ACT 101 support program are required to comply with one or several conditions during their first or later years of study at the University. Conditions may include some of the following components: completion of a learning strategies course, a slight reduction in the freshman year course load, attendance at tutoring or counseling sessions, peer mentoring and/or peer tutoring, or other modifications. The program director will work with students to determine the individualized programs best-suited to ensure their success.

Students accepted via Gateway to Success may be required to take a slightly reduced course load during their freshman year. Academic support services are available through the University's Learning Resource Network.


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