Vinny Lujardo

Vincent Lujardo

Hometown Beachwood, NJ
High School Toms River High School South
Major English
Minor Business Administration    
Study Abroad or Study Away Experience I have not had the opportunity to study abroad as I would have hoped, though, I did participate in the First-Year Spring Preview Learning Experience. I and a group of Arcadia students went to London and were able to soak in the culture and atmosphere for a week during our spring break. I had the opportunity to meet fellow Arcadia Knights, of whom many are friends of mine to this day, and also gain first hand experience relating to cultural diversity and exchanges.
Clubs and Organizations I have primarily focused on my academic studies and social experiences while at Arcadia, and have had little direct involvement with any particular clubs or organizations outside of the Ambassadors program. Though not my main focus, I support all of our clubs at Arcadia, and have been on the mailing list of multiple groups, if only to keep updated on events.
Favorite Campus Event Mr. Beaver is my favorite campus event (excluding all the fun dances). It's just so funny and outrageous! Always a good time.
What I love about Arcadia I love the Arcadia community. As an Ambassador, I must say it was an Ambassador who sold me the school. Leaving my first Arcadia Open House, my family and I were overwhelmed by the positive and pleasant community fostered at Arcadia, particularly in those students, like Ambassadors, who enjoy what they do and thus brighten the entire atmosphere.
Why I chose to attend Arcadia I chose to attend Arcadia primarily because of its study abroad opportunities, of which I unfortunately have been unable to participate. However, I have found many other positive attributes in Arcadia.

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