Memory Book Questionnaire Reunion 2014

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About the Memory Book Questionnaire

All alumni who complete a questionnaire will receive a Memory Book whether they attend Reunion or not. The Memory Book is a wonderful way to maintain a link with your classmates. 

Using the Online Memory Book Questionnaire

To use the Online Memory Book Questionnaire Form, fill in the requested information in the proper fields, and press the "Submit" button to send this form to the Alumni Office. You will receive an email confirming that the Alumni Office has received this form.

Using the Questionnaire as a Guide

If you prefer, you can use this Questionnaire as a guide, and write your own summary. This will also give you the freedom to include information not requested on the form. Submit your summary in one of two ways: type your summary as an email; or create a separate document in a word processing program and email it to the Alumni Office as an attachment. The Alumni Office's email address is: Please contact the Alumni Office if you have any questions about the Memory Book Questionnaire.


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