Art Education Certification

Students in the B.F.A. Studio degree program (with the exception of Interior Design majors) can earn certification in Art Education. This certification provides a skilled background in the technical and historical aspects of art education as a prerequisite to teaching art in grades K-12. The program emphasizes all arts as a means of arriving at aesthetic experiences. Since students are required to take additional courses in liberal arts in order to meet the Education certification requirements, additional time may be required to earn certification. Graduates who are recommended by the chairs of the Education and Art and Design departments can receive the Instructional I Specialist (K-12) certification to teach art in Pennsylvania.

Required Coursework Beyond the B.F.A. Requirements

1. PA Code, Chapter 354 content area coursework required for admission into certification program (16 credits)

  • EN101 Thought and Expression I
  • Two Course in Mathematics beyond the remedial level (MA110, MA117, MA118, or MA141) (meets Quantitative Reasoning requirement)*
  • EN229 Voices of America (or an equivalent American or English literature course) (meets Cultural Legacies requirement)*

2. The following Education courses:

  • ED110 Teaching for Learning (Complete before applying into teacher certification program; meets Self and Society requirement)*
  • ED212 Child and Youth Development (meets Self and Society requirement)*
  • ED306 Strategies for Emergent and Content Area Literacy
  • ED315 Differentiated Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms
  • US324 ESL: Understanding Language Learning: Using Two Languages to Engage with the World (4 credits; meets Writing designated requirement)*
  • ED375 Managing an Inclusive Classroom*

3. The following Art Education courses:

  • AE300 The Uses of Theory in Art Education
  • AE308 Curriculum Design in Art Education
  • (Art Education courses may be included within the course selection of studio electives.)

4. Student Teaching

  • AE/ED 419 Undergraduate Student Teaching Practicum, Art Education (8 credits)

All Art Education students must meet the same admission requirements for all candidates seeking certification.

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