PreK-4 Education/PreK-8 Special Education

Pennsylvania Instructional Teacher Certification (variable credit depending on previous academic credentials)

This program is designed for individuals seeking a first Instructional I Certificate in PreK-4 Education and PreK-8 Special Education and plan to work in an elementary or early elementary setting.

Special Education Requirements   

  • ED 512 Differentiating Instruction in Inclusive Settings          
  • ED 580 Introduction to Inclusive Education  
  • ED 584 Supporting Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
  • ED 585 Positive Behavioral Approaches
  • ED 606 Strategic Instruction for Emergent and Content Literacy (K-6)

PreK-4 Education Requirements

  • ED 514  Assessment/Classrooms
  • ED 517 Human Development: The School Years (K–12) 
  • ED 526A Learning and Assessment in Elementary Mathematics
  • ED 552 Issues and Methods in Elementary School Science
  • ED 562A Teaching Social Studies K–6
  • ED 601 Literacy Foundations
  • ED 618 Instructional Strategies in Early Childhood
  • ED 621 Communication Strategies for Effective EC Programs
  • ED 622 Teaching Multilingual & Multicultural Literacies
  • ED 592 Graduate Student Teaching Dual Practicum Special Education/Early Elementary Education (credits not applicable to degree)

Additional Certification Requirements

1.  Completion of fieldwork experiences. All certification courses require fieldwork/pre-student teaching experience. PDE competencies for stages 1, 2, and 3 must be demonstrated. Successful completion of both the course and the fieldwork is required. 

2. Completion of all subject area coursework required to meet the general and specific certification standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This will be determined by the program Coordinator. 

3. A grade of “B” or better in the Graduate Student Teaching Practicum

4. Completion of all Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) is required prior to enrolling for the Student Teaching Practicum.

  • PECT PreK-4 (3 modules) Qualifying score: 220 per module
  • PECT Special Education PreK-8 (2 modules) Qualifying Score: 220 per module

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