Dr. Christopher A. Binckley

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Binckley joined the biology faculty at Arcadia University in the fall of 2009. He is a community/aquatic ecologist and his research generally focuses on how biodiversity patterns are generated in both wetland and stream ecosystems. Past projects include investigations of how predators and gradients of forest canopy coverage affect amphibian and aquatic insect reproduction in wetlands, and how productivity, land-use, and hydrologic gradients interact to affect fish and salamander populations inhabiting headwater streams. Chris plans to expand his research program at Arcadia with students who could develop a variety of projects ranging from how introduced predators affect aquatic communities to how animal dispersal links aquatic and terrestrial communities.

Dr. Binckley will be teaching General Biology, Ecology Lab, Research Methods, and is currently developing a new course in Aquatic Biology for fall 2010. This class will focus on the ecology, conservation, and management of both wetlands and streams. His past teaching experiences include Practice of Science, Community Ecology, and Herpetology. His primary teaching goal is for students to attain a lasting understanding of concepts by encouraging them to ask questions and develop their own ideas and projects. He believes strongly in the substantial involvement of undergraduates in both basic and applied research projects so they can be intimately involved in science.

Dr. Binckley received both his B.S. (Environmental Science) and M.S. (Ecology) from Drexel University. His Ph.D. is in Ecology from Old Dominion University. Dr. Binckley joins Arcadia after post-doctoral appointments with University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Rutgers University.

Recent Publications

  • Binckley, C.A., M.S. Wipfli, R.B. Medhurst, P. Hessburg & B. Salter. 2010. Ecoregion and land-use influence invertebrate and detritus transport from headwater streams to downstream habitats in the Cascade Range, Washington, USA. Freshwater Biology, 55 1205-1218.
  • Horth, L., C.A. Binckley, R. Welk & P. Reddy. 2010. Body size differences between melanic and silver male mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki). Copeia, 2010 196-202.
  • Medhurst, R.B., M.S. Wipfli, K. Polivka, C.A. Binckley, P. Hessburg & B. Salter. 2010. Headwater streams and forest management: Logging effects on headwater benthos and community resilience in dry and wet ecoregions within the Cascade Range, Washington, USA. Hydrobiologia, 641, 71-83.
  • Binckley, C.A. & W.J. Resetarits, Jr. 2009. Spatial and temporal dynamics of habitat selection across canopy gradients generates patterns of species richness and composition in aquatic beetles. Ecological Entomology, 34:457-465.
  • Resetarits, W.J. Jr. & C.A. Binckley. 2009. Spatial contagion of predation risk affects colonization dynamics in experimental aquatic landscapes. Ecology, 90:869-876.
  • Binckley, C.A. & W.J. Resetarits, Jr. 2008. Oviposition behavior partitions aquatic landscapes along predation and nutrient gradients. Behavioral Ecology, 19:552-597.

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