Robert Mauro

Robert Mauro

Department Chair
Professor of Art and Design

Robert Mauro received his B.A. in Art Education from Rowan University in 1973 and his M.F.A. in Printmaking from Pratt Institute in 1978. His post-graduate studies include video production and computer graphics at Rowan University, and he has also been a recipient of the Lindback Award for excellence in teaching.

Mauro is currently the coordinator of Digital Media and teaches Digital Imaging, Digital Video, 2D Animation, and Digital Photography & Printmaking. In conjunction with his teaching responsibilities, he is a Mac specialist and manages the Digital Imaging computer labs and Xservers. Mauro first started investigating the use of computers as a creative tool in 1985.

Creative Interests

Currently, Mauro’s creative work visually explores unique historical moments or events. The visual content is interlaced with textures, text, and hand drawn and photographic imagery. These visual devices are all part of constructing a dialogue with the viewer. One could define this process as his particular style of storytelling. The digital prints can be experienced in “layers.” The initial experience might be purely picture-based without content. The viewer, upon further examination discovers visual content clues, which begin to construct the story behind the artwork. His traditional and digital prints have been exhibited nationally and included in public and private collections. Mauro is also a self-trained luthier, creating experimental and custom designed stringed instruments over the past 25 years.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  • Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  • Contemporary American Printmakers, Philadelphia, PA
  • Stedman Gallery, Rutgers University, NJ
  • Columbus Art Museum, Columbus, OH
  • Ginn Gallery, Boston, MA
  • Grace Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • Korea International Print, Seoul, Korea

Recent Support

PA Congressional Grant

Sample Work

View samples of Mauro's work here.

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