Tomlinson Susan

Dr. Susan Tomlinson

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy,
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

Susan Tomlinson, PT, DPT, Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education, received her Master of Science degree from Duke University and her post-professional DPT from Arcadia University. Her physical therapy clinical career has focused in the inpatient acute rehabilitation and home care settings with emphasis on working with patients with neurological disorders. 

Dr. Tomlinson is an APTA Certified Trainer for the Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Program. She has led or assisted in leading six credentialing courses in the greater Philadelphia area to date. Susan has given formal presentations related to clinical education at national professional meetings. She has collaborated with core faculty to conduct research on older adults and has peer-reviewed publications and scientific presentations at national meetings related to this topic. 

Dr. Tomlinson’s active involvement in the Philadelphia Area Clinical Education Consortium provides her with a network of area faculty members who share similar roles and responsibilities in other physical therapy programs.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Mangione KK, Craik, RL, Palombaro KM, Tomlinson SS, Hofmann MT. (2010).  "Home- Based Leg Strengthening Exercise Improves Function Six Months after Hip Fracture: A Randomized Controlled Study."  Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 58;1911-1917.
  • Tomlinson, S. (2010).  "Economic Models and Clinical Education Standards."  Presented at APTA Annual Conference, Boston MA.  
  • Miller AH, Tomlinson S, Palombaro K. (2008). "Use of standardized patients to assess core values."  Presented at APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Nashville, TN.
  • Readinger J, Lopopolo RB, Tomlinson SS, Adler J, Chancler C, DiIenno M, Guzzi C. (2008). Characteristics and outcomes of an internship model in physical therapy clinical education. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Nashville, TN.
  • Miller, A.H., Palombaro, K., & Tomlinson, S.S. (2007). Use of standardized patients to evaluate physical therapy student communication and interview skills Poster presentation at APTA Combined Section Meeting 2007 for the Education Section.
  • Mangione KK, Craik RL, Tomlinson SS, Palombaro KM. (2005). Can elderly patients who have had a hip fracture perform moderate- to high-intensity exercise at home? Phys Ther. 85(8):727-39.
  • Tomlinson SS, Mangione KK. (2008). Potential adverse effects of statins on muscle. Phys Ther. 85(5):459-65.

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