Morra WayneDr. Wayne A. Morra

Professor of Economics

Wayne A. Morra has been involved with the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program for more than 14 years, promoting the conservation of endangered species, including primates and marine turtles on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. His interests focus on the economic factors influencing the bushmeat hunting of endangered animals in growing economy fueled by the discovery of offshore oil in the region. Morra has worked with Professor Tom Brinker on the Caribbean Island, focusing on alternative energy to meet the island’s energy demand and an examination of cruise ship tourism’s influence on the island.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • "An Examination into the Inefficiency and Unsustainability of Bushmeat Hunting on Bioko Island." W.A. Morra, Arcadia University; Hearn, G.W. Drexel University; Buck, A.J. Temple University; Butynski, T.M. Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program. Presented at the 36th Annual Conference of the Eastern Economic Association, Philadelphia, PA. February, 2010.
  • "The Market for Bushmeat: Colobus Satanas on Bioko Island", Wayne Morra, Gail Hearn and Andrew J. Buck. Ecological Economics, Volume 68, Issue 10, 15 August 2009, Pages 2619-2626.
  • Conservation Status of Monkeys on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, One Year After a Presidential Decree Banning the Hunting of Primates Drew T. Cronin, Wayne A. Morra, Gail W. Hearn, Reginaldo Aguilar Biacho. Presented at International Congress for Conservation Biology, Beijing, China. August 2009.
  • Shmulenson, I., Hearn, G.W., Morra, W.A., & Butynski, T.B. (April 2008). "Hunting pressure and declining monkey populations on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea." Poster presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Morra, W.A., & Buck, A.J. (July 2008). "Are Bushmeat Hunters Profit Maximizers or Simply Brigands of Opportunity?" Paper presented at Western Economic Association International 83rd Annual Conference, Waikiki, Hawaii.
  • Hearn, G.W., Morra, W.A., Rioso Etingüe, F., Bocuma Meñe, D. &Butynski, T.M. (August 2008). "Market Carcass Counts and Forest Encounter Rates For Monkeys On Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea (1990 – 2007)." Presented at the International Primatological Society, XXII Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Rader H, Esono SN, Bradsby J, Morra W, Hearn GW. (January 16-20, 2007). "Marine Turtle Nest Counts and Beach Choices on Bioko Island (Gulf Of Guinea, Africa) across Six Nesting Seasons (2000/2001 through 2005/2006)." Poster presented at the 27th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium, Wilmington, North Carolina USA.
  • Rader, H., Ela Mba, M.A., Morra, W., & Hearn, G. (2006). "Marine Turtles on the Southern Coast of Bioko Island (Gulf of Guinea, Africa)," 2001-2005. Marine Turtle Newsletter 111:8-10.
  • Hearn, G.W., Ela Mba, M.A., Bohome, C.P., Stoertz, R.W., & Morra, W.A. (June 25-30, 2006). "Monkey Group Encounter Rates (1996-2005) in the Gran Caldera de Luba, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea." Oral presentation at the XXI Congress of the International Primatological Society, Entebbe Uganda.
  • Morra, W., Bohome, C. P., Stoertz, R., & Hearn, G.W. (June 25-30, 2006). "Bioko Island’s Bushmeat Market: An Increasing Demand for Primates." Poster presentation at the XXI Congress of the International Primatological Society, Entebbe Uganda.
  • Morra, W., Buck, A.J., & Hearn, G.W. (Oct. 5-8, 2006). "The Economics of the Primate Trade, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea." Presented at the 62nd International Atlantic Economic Conference in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Protected Areas in Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea: An Applied Case of Demarcation, Presented at the 2004 International Primatological Society Meetings, Turin, Italy, August 2004.

Recent Support

National Geographic Conservation Trust, ExxonMobil Foundation, Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc., IFSA (Institute for Study Abroad) Foundation, Marco Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, Conservation International

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