2012-13 Undergraduate Student
Financial Aid Forms

For Summer '12, Fall '12 & Spring '13 Semesters

Priority Deadlines

Applications received after these date will be processed on a rolling basis.

  • March 1, 2012, for new undergraduate students entering fall 2012
  • April 1, 2012, for returning undergraduate, new and returning graduate students entering summer 2012/fall 2012
  • November 1, 2012, for new undergraduate students entering spring 2013

Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Aid

Undergraduate Financial Aid Applications

For New or Current Students; Summer 2012/Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Semesters

  • FAFSA 2012-13 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (*available 1/1/12*). Apply for a federal PIN first (student and one parent (if student is dependent) each need a PIN) at www.pin.ed.gov before completing the FAFSA online. PIN serves as your e-signature. 
  • Arcadia University Financial Aid Application For full-time and part-time students.  
  • Off-Campus Housing Form (PDF; download and print)For full-time dependent undergraduates living in off-campus housing of their own, independent from parents/guardians and the University 
  • ERPA Form (PDF; print & return)

Income Statement Forms

 Loan Applications & Loan Counseling Links

Students wishing to borrow a Federal Direct Stafford Loan must complete the appropriate Federal Direct Stafford Loan Acceptance Form below. Additionally, if a student never borrowed through the Federal Direct Loan Program, or previously borrowed a Stafford Loan through a lender/bank, they must complete a Federal Direct Stafford Loan MPN (master promissory note) and a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling session at www.StudentLoans.gov.

For New or Current Students; Summer 2012/Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Semesters

For Graduating, Withdrawing or Stopping Out Students


Special Arcadia Scholarship Applications

Note: Prospective full-time undergraduate and graduate students applying to full-time Arcadia programs are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships at the time they apply for admission. No separate application is required.


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