Students planning to graduate in May, August or December are required to notify the Graduate
Studies Office three Months prior to completing their degree requirements by submitting this
form the attention of Mary Kate McNulty, Taylor Hall, Room 200.

Students should meet with their advisers to be sure all requirements, including a culminating
activity, will be satisfied by the last week of classes. Students who complete their degree in
August and December will be invited to participate in the May Commencement Cermony.

Name as it should appear on your diploma  

            Maiden Name    






                                             Phone   (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

I plan to complete all degree requirements by:


Degree earned (check one)

M.Ed Concentration M.A.Ed Concentration


(Upon completion of 15 semester hours of credit,students who wish to be admitted to degree
candidacy must make formal application). This procedure must be filled in order to finalize
your completion process. (Not applicable to Physical Therapy,Physican Assistant, Genetic
Counseling,Forensic Sciences,Business administration, International Peace and Conflict
Resolution or Special Education students)