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Blackboard is a Web-based learning management system for students and faculty, accessible through the campus Web portal, MyArcadia. This system provides supportive classroom materials (syllabi and class materials) and allows out-of-classroom communication between faculty and students. Current semester course list is displayed in the My Courses module on the homepage.

TaskStream ePortfolio

TaskStream ePortfolio allows users to collect digital projects to an online space for submission or display. Arcadia students and faculty have access to this resource from MyArcadia. Each TaskStream account provides 100 MB of online storage, accessible from anywhere. Users are able to create a professional portfolio or archive selected work to share via the Web. For initial log on information, contact the Helpdesk at 215-572-2898 or helpdesk@arcadia.edu. Please direct all help questions to TaskStream at 1-800-311-5656.


Wimba’s collaborative tools integrate with Blackboard to provide a unique learning experience.

  • Voice Tools allow users to create podcasts, participate in an asynchronous conversation, create and present web-based presentations, and send voice email, providing education in a personal and interactive way.
  • Live Classroom provides opportunities to communicate via the Internet in real-time. It supports two-way audio, video, application and desktop sharing which allows a level of interaction not available in text-based communication. It can be used to conduct live online classes, incorporate guest speakers from across a distance, and provide online office hours, webinars, and meetings.

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