Alumni Mentor Program
Student Application

All undergraduates are eligible to apply, and top applicants will be interviewed by the Office of Career Education. Email résumé to Stephenie Wilson at

The Office of Career Education requires that all applicants schedule an appointment for a Résumé Review before submitting their completed online application.

First Name:
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Year of Graduation:

It is critical that you be thoughtful in your response to the following questions as these will, in part, determine your eligibility for the application process.

How do you expect to benefit from this program?

What do you think the role of a mentor is, and how will it benefit you?

What do you think your role as a mentee will be?

Please create a short bio (250 words max) that we could use to distribute to your assigned mentor so they can get a sense of who you, your interests, academic and career goals, and anything else you think might be important for them to know about prior to first meeting.