Heating, Ventilating and Cooling Conservation Efforts

  • The University has installed new high efficiency, cleaner gas burning boilers in Boyer Hall, Taylor Hall and the Castle.
  • New Buildings: Arcadia will be installing high efficiency heating boilers in the new academic building as well as the Dining Hall.
  • Also in the Dining Hall, the University has replaced a 500 gallon hot water heater with an 80 gallon high efficiency gas hot water heating system. This system not only heats the domestic water, but also heats the building as well for a significant savings on energy/natural gas.
  • Arcadia has replaced an antiquated pool heating system with a new high efficiency pool heater. The University is looking at energy efficient window replacements and a greenhouse addition for additional play/lounge space.
  • All roof top Reznor units on the top of Kuch Center have been gutted and replaced with high efficiency units. All control systems are being repaired as well to allow for better control.
  • Arcadia University has repaired the pool pak system to again allow for reusing excess waste heat from the pool area to heat the atmosphere within the pool area.
  • The University has converted the oil heat system found in Blankley Hall with a new cleaner burning high efficiency natural gas heating system.
  • The University has installed two new high efficiency, clean burning, natural gas, residential hot water heaters in the Castle.
  • All mechanical HVAC support systems (circulation pumps etc.) were also redesigned to allow for a constant full cycle recirculation of hot water. This will allow for an even higher degree of even/efficient heating throughout the buildings.
  • Landman Library has received an upgraded HVAC plenum system that reduces HVAC demand (uses more outside air when cool weather is prevalent) and also provides additional assistance with the control of moisture and building over-pressurization.
    The University is currently repairing and updating its computerized HVAC control systems to ensure maximum economy and efficiency of all HVAC systems.
    All new window air conditioners installed in residence halls and offices are high efficiency units.
  • All existing steam systems have been repaired and operate as designed without leaks. Condensation loss has been mitigated as well.
  • High efficiency Attic fans have been installed at the Castle to provide for induction cooling of the building. These fans have reduced the castle attic temperature by 20 degrees in the summer—its cooling effects are noticeable throughout the building as there is a constant gentle air flow across the skin.
  • Sensing controls have been added to several standalone heating/cooling systems to allow for proper and efficient heating and cooling.
  • The University is systematically repairing all fan coils; heating/cooling units on campus, restoring some back to their original operating condition.
  • Arcadia is examining all electrical loads to determine where energy loss is present (i.e.— loose panel connections, etc.).
  • Arcadia University is changing AC filters on a routine basis. This reduces the load of HVAC systems as airflow is increased—the system then is able to run less, and therefore more efficiently.
  • Arcadia has redesigned all residence life dryer vents to allow for better exhaust flow thereby increasing the efficiency of the drying cycle—less quarters and less electricity will be used as a result of increased drying capacity.
  • The University has downsized vending machines in certain areas to increase living space and decrease electrical demand.

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