Installing Improved Roofing Systems

  • Arcadia University has recently installed a new roofing system at Heinz Hall which reflects radiant heat thus reducing its thermal signature.
  • Arcadia is currently installing a new roofing system in Spruance Hall. This new system, although retaining the look and feel of the former roof, actually has thermal properties, as it is sitting off of the original roof on furred out plywood sheathing. This sheathing allows for an air gap between roof layers increasing the insulating value while also reducing the overall thermal contribution to the original building system.
  • The University is currently exploring green roofing systems and hopes to have a prototype created in the near future in order to further reduce thermal absorption, create additional storm water retention opportunities, as well as create roof top parks for public use.
  • Arcadia has engaged in a program to repair all rooftop ventilators back to their original specifications—this allows for proper building moisture ventilation with less heat buildup, lessening the demand on the AC systems.

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