• Evacuation Procedures for Non-Residence Halls

    In the event of fire or other emergencies but particularly fires, in non-residential buildings, at the sound of a fire alarm, occupants of the building need to evacuate the building quickly and safely and once outside, go to a pre-designated location so it can be determined that everyone is out of the building, and await further instructions from Public Safety. You must keep a safe distance from the building for personal safety and so as not to impede the work of the firefighters.

    Where building occupants should go in the event of a fire alarm or evacuation:

    • Murphy Hall: Exit building and meet in Lot #8.
    • Spruance Fine Arts Center: Exit buildings and meet in Lot #10.
    • Easton Hall: Exit the building and go up to the driveway; do not stay by water fall, go towards Lot #9.
    • Brubaker Hall: Evacuate from main entrance door up the walk towards Commons/Kuch Center. All other doors exit to the driveway and go towards Lot #9 near Spruance.
    • Commons/Kuch Center: Those exiting from the main entrance will go to the driveway and Lot #10. From the Commons ground-level and second floors, go out onto Haber Green.
    • Boyer Hall: Exit building and go to Landman Library or the Commons/Kuch Center.
    • Taylor Hall: Exit building and proceed to Knight Hall or Landman Library.
    • Landman Library: Exit the Library and go over to the Dining Complex entrance.
    • Dining Complex: Exit building and proceed to Knight Hall or Landman Library.
    • Blankley Hall: Exit Blankley and meet in front of the main entrance of Heinz Hall.
    • College of Global Studies: Exit the building and move down the parking lot away from the building.
  • Update and confirm your contact information.
    UPDATE your emergency contact information to ensure you receive TEXTS and CALLS from Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System in the event of an emergency or university closing.

    Emergency Numbers:

    Dial 215-572-2999
    for Public Safety

    Dial 2999 (Campus Phone) for Public Safety

    Dial 911 for local police

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