• Strategic Plan Core Values

    As members of the Arcadia community, we embrace:


    Civility is the basis for how we treat one another, teaching us to appreciate that all members of the University community add value and deserve respect.

    As a global institution, we prize diversity and respect the rights and dignity of individuals and groups. To create a welcoming environment, we strive for fairness in our decisions, empathy in our thoughts and consideration in our actions. On campus, we sustain an atmosphere in which kindness is the norm -- where we can use our talents, pursue our interests and engage in civil debate without fear of harassment. In visiting other communities in the region or abroad, we conduct ourselves with decorum, respectful of the people in our new surroundings. While sensitive to difference, we strive to seek understanding and common ground.


    Embracing our diversity creates a rich and welcoming atmosphere where difference in culture, perspective and belief enriches academic discourse and campus life.

    Arcadia is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment that encourages acceptance, respect, and opportunity. It is through interactions with faculty, staff and peers representing a diversity of backgrounds and abilities that we gain self-confidence and respect for others, learn by using the latest technologies, and acquire essential skills and knowledge in preparation for rich and meaningful lives.


    We challenge ourselves to perform at and provide high standards in education, experience and opportunity.

    Arcadia delivers a quality academic experience that inspires students intellectually, provides superior global programming, and instills pride in a variety of University experiences. Excellence at Arcadia encompasses scholastic development, physical well-being and environmental conservancy. Striving for excellence in teaching and learning also fosters an atmosphere where recognizing peer achievement contributes to our growth and entrepreneurial spirit.


    We are honest and ethical in how we conduct ourselves in our actions and our decisions individually and collectively as an institution.

    Integrity is the foundation upon which we build our code of ethics across academics, student life, athletics, community relations and international opportunities. We are a community that is transparent in the sharing of information, guided by steadfast uprightness in all conducts, operations, and affairs of the institution.

    Intellectual Freedom

    Ours is a community of learners that encourages freedom of thought and expression irrespective of ideological perspectives.

    At the heart of a liberal arts education lies a commitment to intellectual freedom. We seek an approach to knowledge and scholarship that expands beyond borders and improves our understanding of communities and ourselves. Guaranteeing freedom of academics and experiences helps us make connections across disciplines and cultures, between theory and practical applications, in the classroom and the community.


    We are committed stewards of Arcadia, carrying the responsibility to ensure resources are allocated in accordance with institutional mission, goals and guidelines.

    As caretaker of the beautiful 81-acre campus on the grounds of the historic landmark Grey Towers Castle, Arcadia builds upon a legacy that stretches back to the University’s founding in 1853. All members of the University community play a role in representing the institution, in maintaining fiscal responsibility, and in holding one another accountable for our actions.


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    A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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