• Strategic Planning Phases

    The Committee worked with the consultant in order to create an integrative and comprehensive plan for the creation of a Strategic Plan to be reviewed and approved by the Arcadia Board of Trustees at their June 7, 2013 meeting. Each step of the plan was carefully considered in order to provide multiple opportunities for the participation of all members of the Arcadia community.

    Phase III: Create Strategic Plan
    (April 1 – June 7, 2013)

    In April, the Committee members will use the information collected from the university community to draft the Strategic Plan. The Committee may schedule additional meetings and/or interviews with different members of the Arcadia community during this time in order to strengthen the plan and establish specific goals and strategic objectives. By late April the draft will be presented to the Arcadia community and posted on the My.Arcadia.edu strategic planning page. The draft of the plan will be discussed by different Arcadia groups at existing meetings (such as Faculty Meetings, Staff Assembly, etc.) and specially scheduled Town Hall or other venues in order to refine the plan into a strong vision for Arcadia University’s future success. It is essential that the committee receive constructive feedback on the document so that it can be revised into a plan that the entire university community will embrace.

    Update May 1, 2013: First round of Focus Groups are being communicated and will be underway the week of May 7th. The culmination of the planning process will occur in June. The strategic plan will be reviewed and voted on by the Arcadia University Board of Trustees at their June 7, 2013 meeting.

    Once approved, the Arcadia University Strategic Plan will be used to guide important university decisions over the next five years. Beginning in the summer of 2013, University units will establish and enact their own Implementation Plan to achieve the goals set forth in the approved Strategic Plan. To ensure that the Strategic Plan continues to serve as a guide to Arcadia University’s future success, the Board of Trustees will review periodic reports on Arcadia’s progress at achieving the outcomes of the plan.

    Phase II: Obtain Planning Input
    (February 5 – March 30, 2013)

    Throughout the planning process the committee will collect additional information from members of the community in order to more fully understand the Arcadia University of the present, create a vision for the Arcadia University of the future, and establish specific objectives for the University to achieve over the next five years. During February and March, the committee will be inviting members of the Arcadia community to participate in discussion groups, focus groups, or town hall meetings to provide a deeper perspective on ideas raised in the planning process and through the online survey.

    Update February 28, 2013: First round of Focus Groups completed. From February 11 – 28, Planning Facilitators led over 30 focus groups with Faculty, Staff, Students, Members of the Board of Trustees, and Alumni. When possible existing forums (such as Executive Council, University Chairs and Program Directors, Staff Assembly, were used. However, turnout for session scheduled specifically for the planning process during the week of February 18 had high turnout of over 60 faculty, 58 staff, and 60 students. A summary of the comments, ideas, and suggestions compiled for each group was provided to the Planning Committee to supplement the results of the online survey. Additional forums to collect information from members of the local community are scheduled through mid-March.

    If necessary, the Planning Committee may interview individuals or groups in order to answer specific questions raised by the Committee as part of the planning process. External information on the national and international trends in higher education will be provided to the committee and an assessment of external environment will also be completed.

    During this time, the Planning Committee will also review the Arcadia University Mission Statement. A mission statement helps to define the present state a university. Arcadia’s Mission Statement was created prior to the change in name and achievement of university status. The Committee will also develop a vision statement to help establish a defined path into Arcadia’s future. Once created, the mission and vision statements will be presented to and discussed by different groups such as at Faculty Meetings, Staff Assembly, and Student Government Organization meetings.

    Phase I: Project Organization
    (January 1 – February 4, 2013)

    Update February 11, 2013: Phase I has been successfully completed. The Strategic Planning Committee has collected and is reviewing an extensive set of documents including the 2012 Academic Affairs Strategic Plan, the 2005 Campus Master Plan, and the 2009 Middle States Accreditation Self Study. The Committee used an online survey to collect insights and ideas from the University Committee. The survey closed on February 5, 2013 with responses from over 1800 participants. A detailed summary and complete set of individual responses to open-ended questions will be provided to the Committee to help inform the planning process.

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