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Where to Find Stuff: Forms, Resources & FAQs

Watch Your Mail

Watch your mail—both postal and e-mail—for a Welcome to Arcadia newsletter and other events, a New Student Orientation newsletter, Health Information, and more! There are many things you can do to help ease your transition to college. Most of your preparations will take place in the spring and summer.

Accepted Undergraduate Students: Deposit OnlineMake Your Deposit

  • Housing Priority. Preference of residence halls for housing assignments is based upon the date of receipt of your deposit to the University.
  • Check out Residence Life at Arcadia. Once you deposit, you can access the Arcadia University Online Housing Portal via MyArcadia to complete your housing registration.

Log in to MyArcadia

  • You’ve got mail! Access your Arcadia e-mail on our campus portal, MyArcadia (
  • Your username and instructions will be sent with your “Welcome to Arcadia” newsletter in after you deposit. You’ll set your password when you log in for the first time. If you need help, contact (available 24/7) or call the Office of Enrollment Management at 215-572-2910.
  • Find all of the online forms you’ll need to submit under the New Student tab.
  • Join the Class of 2018 Facebook group.
  • Find links to campus information—including the weekly Bulletin with news and events.

Submit Your First-Year Seminar Choices

  • Get ready for the journey of your life! Find out more about your Undergraduate Curriculum—your opportunity to explore the world, design your own path, and make intellectual connections.
  • Your First-Year Experience will include a First-Year Seminar. Topics will be posted shortly, and placement is determined on a priority basis by date of deposit to the University.
  • Submit your preferences for First-Year Seminars using the online form on MyArcadia. (New First-Year Student Forms box.)
  • Preferences for students who submit the online form after June 10, regardless of deposit date, may not be accommodated, depending upon availability. Also, scheduling and athletics may impact some options.

Plan for Summer Orientation

Get ready to explore Arcadia. You will receive an Orientation Packet in the mail containing information and forms. If your summer schedule is filling up already, take a peek at the Summer Orientation Dates. When you receive the Orientation Packet, register on MyArcadia for a Summer Orientation date that fits your schedule. Note: Summer Orientation is when you will submit your course preferences and take placement exams (see below).

Watch for Health Information Mailing

The third mailing you will receive is a Health Packet containing information about Student Health Services and some forms you will need to complete. All students need a physical from a physician and vaccinations, including the meningitis vaccination for resident students. You can get a head start by calling your doctor’s office now. Health forms are available online through MyArcadia or at

Accommodations Due to a Disability

  • If you require any accommodations due to a disability, you must complete the Disabilities Support Services Identification Form.
  • If you will need accommodations for placement inventories (such as extended time) at Orientation, or if you have any questions about services for students with disabilities (including learning disabilities or AD/HD), please contact the Director of Academic Development, Linda Pizzi at 215-572-4086 or
  • Call our office to make an appointment to finalize all accommodation requests for Fall 2014. It is best to meet at least two weeks before classes begin. (Classes begin on Aug. 27.)
  • If you have special needs for which special assistance from the Student Health Center or Counseling Center would be of value, appointments can be set up to meet the appropriate staff.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To receive accommodations, students must provide educational or medical documentation that specifies the required accommodations. Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans from a student’s high school or previous college are not accepted for this purpose. Testing documentation should be no more than three years old.

Save the Date for Fall Orientation

New students come to campus several days before classes start. Join other first-year (freshman) and transfer students in getting to know each other, current students, the campus, and all the things you’ll need to know for a successful transition to Arcadia. Save the Date for Friday, August 22, 2014, Arcadia’s New Student Opening. Parents and family members are encouraged to participate in activities on that Friday, so mark it on their calendars, too. This is a day of activities and fun for everyone. Students should plan to participate in all of the events scheduled for Fall Orientation, August 22 to 26. Classes start Wednesday, August 27. Note: It is our tradition to ask new students to read a book during the summer, with the expectation that you will be part of a small discussion group during August orientation.

Placement Exams and Fall Course Selection

There are three academic tasks that new students need to complete before arriving for Summer Orientation:
The first task is reviewing the practice placement inventories. Part of a summer orientation day is taking placement inventories. Everyone will take a writing inventory and a math placement inventory during a summer orientation day and students interested in a science major or a pre-professional program that requires chemistry will also take the physical science placement. Practice math and practice physical science placement inventories are available to you online. Log in to MyArcadia and go to the “New Student Placement Exam” box. You are also able to access the practice inventories at: and

The second task is to complete the modern language placement inventory online (Spanish, French, German, and Italian) before arriving for your summer orientation day (available in May). If you are unable to complete this inventory online, you will be able to take it during the summer orientation day. Here are the directions to take the exam online:

1. Log onto MyArcadia (
2. On the Student Home page, click on the Blackboard link under Campus Tools (top, left corner)
3. Click on the "Courses" tab at the top of the page.
4. Locate the link "Language Placement Exams" and click on it.
5. This page contains the instructions needed to take your exam.

The last task is reviewing the fall 2014 course options in order to prepare for advising during the summer orientation day. Identify five courses that you would possibly like to take this fall. From those five courses most students will enroll in two of them in addition to the required first-year English composition course and a First-Year Seminar in the fall. The list of course options will be available at

Summer Reading for Fall Orientation

Orientation to the Arcadia University consists of many facets, not the least of which is an orientation to academic life. As a way of helping you to become an active member of our academic community, it is our tradition to ask new students to read a book during the summer, with the expectation that you will be part of a small discussion group during August orientation. The group discussions will be just like many of your classroom experiences at Arcadia. This year's book will be announced in May.


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