Why care about COAs on your campus?

In the January 2000 issue of the American Journal of Public Health, the NIAAA reports that approximately 1 in 4 children in the United States is a child of an alcoholic or substance abusing parent.   Why is it important to address, educate, validate, and help these students? 

  • Although students may recognize the fact that they are children of alcoholics, they may not understand the implications that has on their everyday lives.  It is impossible to grow up with a parent who abuses alcohol or other drugs and come out unaffected.  But the impact is different for each person, even sisters and brothers in the same family.  It's important for a person to understand his or her past to successfully navigate the future.
  • COAs are at four times greater risk of becoming addicted to alcohol or other drugs. 
  • COAs are not an easily identifiable population like athletes, first-year students, or fraternity/sorority members.  COAs are infiltrated in every part of the student population
  • COAs derive greater pleasure from the feeling of drunkenness than other students who are not from addicted families. 
  • Offering support systems and programming for college students who are COAs significantly improves their chances of leading successful lives after college, whether in relationships, career, or personal  development. 

Provided by factsontap.org and the Children of Alcoholics Foundation.  For this and other fact sheets, please visit the National Association for Children of Alcoholics.

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