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body-image-photo“Body image” is a term used to describe one’s perception of how one looks. While it is certainly common for people to dislike some aspect of their physical self, some individuals spend a great deal of time scrutinizing their body. They may also experience frequent, intrusive negative thoughts about their body. They may go to great lengths to change the shape of their body through extreme dieting, exercising, and even plastic surgery. Sadly, these ways of coping with the negative thoughts usually do not improve body image. When negative thoughts and attempts to alter the body’s shape begin to interfere with daily functioning, it’s important to get help.

At Arcadia University’s Counseling Services, staff members can help you work through the painful emotions and troubling thoughts that contribute to poor body image and body-altering behaviors. There are also workshops that meet in the Heinz Hall lower level conference room to discuss issues related to eating, eating disorders, and body image. Call Counseling Services (215-572-2967) to find out more information about the group or to set up an appointment with a counselor.

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