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Living in the CastleCastle Living

Dylan Matukaitis, Mount Carmel, PA
Graphic Design Major, First Year Student

I chose the Castle because I felt like it was an experience unlike any other. Living with so many people you know you're bound to get along with someone! Everyone is in the same boat. It turns out I get along with all of them. Going in, I knew my roommates just as excited about Arcadia and about being in the Castle as I was. We all bonded because of the experience.

I personally find that living in the castle is better all around and getting to know everyone and knowing that you are your own family within the Arcadia community is pretty awesome. It’s a very versatile living environment; there are places to go all over the Castle.

I share my room two people. Our space is MASSIVE, especially when you compare it to the other three person rooms on campus. We each have so much space –we couldn't ask for more. The move was a little bit stressful at first, but we had so many people helping us. I don't know what I expected, but the first day we had so much support.

It’s great knowing that you have all those people so close with you in this unique place.  You're part of a select group of people and that feels great! It's a small hall, but it's a good kind of close. We're all friends and because there are so few of us helped us make friendships. Every night a group of us come together and sit in the lounge to talk and watch TV. It's not planned, it just happens that way. It really feels like a family.

Life in a QuintQuint Life

Vincent Voulo, Kunkletown, PA
Biology Major, First Year student

My housing assignment was surprise at first, but it definitely ended up being a good one.

It's a unique experience. There aren't many quints on campus, so everyone is always in and out of our room to visit and see what it’s like to live there--we have a lot of space! Since you have four roommates, you get to know more people. There's so much interaction.

When I first moved in, I knew it was large enough. It's so much nicer than the doubles and the triples and the furniture is nicer than the other rooms, too. It's a little weird meeting your new roommates for the first time. I was the last one there so it looked really full with everyone's family, but it turned out to be awesome—I've met some of my best friends here!

My family wasn’t concerned about me living in a quint at all, but I admit, I was a little scared before I got here. I had never seen the space before when I visited so I didn't know what I was walking into. I'm the kind of guy who gets along with just about everyone though, so it turned out well.

I like that I live with other athletes because we can keep each other in check and with another Bio major so we can study together. Sometimes it's touchy, but there are enough other spaces that you can go if you need space. There are plenty of lounges in the building–three just in my building—and then you can always go to other campus buildings.

It’s definitely been a fun experience living in a quint--just remember to hide your snacks!

Life in Oak SummitOak Summit Apartments

Mara Domider, Somerville, NJ
International Studies Major, Sophomore

It's nice to be in the apartments and share with just your friends. It makes me feel like royalty, like, I'm spoiled by it! It helps me feel independent and really BE independent.

My Roommates and I originally planned to have a suite in Knight but didn't have enough people to occupy the space. So we scouted out the unoccupied apartments in Oak Summit to check out the floor plans and see which ones faced courtyards.

It's very different from living in the residence halls, where you share everything with a whole building of people and your RA is always there. My RA in Oak Summit is great! Her door is always open and it’s easy to go to her if I have problems. Living in the apartments taught me how to fix the smaller issues on my own.

I get to live with my best friends. It can be hard, but being with them all the time is the best part. It's really easy for me to take care of the apartment and it's fun living there, especially when your friends are also living in the apartments. You get to see how they decorate and hang out with them.

I use the Oak Summit Gym a lot—it's really nice! It's small, but it's easier than going back and forth to campus. I can just walk around the corner to it. The lounges are really convenient too. I liked my lounge in Dilworth, but the ones in Oak Summit are more private. My friends and I have space to do what we want without people walking in and out all the time.

Life in Knight HallKnight Hall

Brenna O' Boyle, Hamburg, PA
Biology / Pre-Physical Therapy Major, Sophomore

Knight Hall is different from any other building on campus! It feels like a hotel and an apartment combined and you don't have to share a bathroom or other space with so many people. I feel more independent but I’m closer to the parts of campus that I wanted to stay connected to.

In the first-year residence halls, you are so close to each other that sometimes everyone is in everyone else's business. But I was lucky because I really got along with a bunch of the girls. We decided to try living together—8 of us in all. We wanted to keep the community feel that we had on the hallway, but with more privacy if we want it. The transition was great!

We chose our space randomly. Most of us didn’t care if we had the doubles or the triple, but we did give the girl who has a boyfriend the single so she had more privacy. In Knight you can be connected with your friends but still have a private space to go back to. I love the community and you feel really connected on campus.

Since my roommates and I knew each other from last year, it was much easier to set the boundaries. We didn't have the same learning curve that you have when you first meet people. When you’re familiar with everyone, it makes it easier to ask for a quiet space.

A bunch of my friends use the kitchen to make pastries and sometimes we make pasta together. I’ve also found that the kitchen is a great place to study—you don't need to go over to the library and it's always open! But the best part of my suite is the common room. It’s where we hang out and play games or study but we always have the privacy of our bedrooms to go back to if we need it. On Friday nights my roommates and I watch movies—it really feels like a family!


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