About Us

About the Community Service Office

The Community Service Office is a nearly completely student run, and also hires the most students out of any other office on campus. Through the Institutional Work Study Program, we send students to between 20 and 30 non-profit organizations in the local community, including schools and care facilities. The dedicated students and staff of this office also coordinate annual service projects and one time volunteer opportunities for interested students. We act as a facilitator between you and the community - they send us their needs and we ask you to fulfill them!

Being student run, the Community Service Office does not have concrete hours. Generally, we are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are located in Dilworth Hall, just past IT. Look for Rufus to see if we’re here!

Phone: 215-572-4000
Email: communityservice@arcadia.edu

Community Service Coordinator

Cindy Rubino

Graduate Assistant

Rayn Phillips

Student Workers
  • Stephanie Oddi
  • David Klein
  • Mara Domider
  • Brenna O’Boyle
  • Mike Kimmel
  • Aire Rudig-Leathers
  • Ricky Cornwall
  • Theresa Dewa
  • Brandon Chorzelewski
  • Brianna Wagner
  • Amber
  • Greta Diem
  • Rufus