Dalton Helps Foundations Inc. Summer Youth Program

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 19, 2010

Representatives from Foundations Inc. brought their cameras and microphones to interview Judith Dalton, Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs, recently. The video segment will be promoting the Philadelphia Youth Network’s Summer Youth Program in which Dalton has participated as a member of the Business Advisory Board for Foundations Inc.’s Job Resource Development Center, which is located in Martin Luther King Jr. High School.

“For six weeks of the past two summers, Arcadia has hosted five high school student participants in the Philadelphia Youth Network Summer Program who were assigned to us through Foundations Inc.,” Dalton says. Departments including Conference Services, Library and IT, Enrollment Management., Student Affairs, Facilities. and Multicultural Affairs have served as on-campus worksites for the students.

“In addition to being provided with the opportunity to earn money and gain valuable work experience,” Dalton says, “the students also were provided mentoring by a recent Arcadia graduate (Sterling Green in 2008 and Alycia Costagliola in 2009) who met on a weekly basis with the students and coordinated development workshops in collaboration with Academic Advising (Academic Advising and the Collegiate Experience, Learning Resource Development), Career Development (Career and Academic Development), the Sociology Department (Images in the Media), and Financial Aid (Basic Financial Aid Information).”