Arcadia Announces Three-Year Undergraduate Degrees

By Purnell T. Cropper | March 12, 2010

Arcadia University has announced five new three-year accelerated undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Communications, International Business and Culture, International Studies, and Psychology to begin in Fall 2010.

The three-year programs will give academically talented students a faster path to graduate school or the job market while continuing to provide Arcadia’s distinctly global, integrative and personal learning experience that prepares students to contribute and prosper in a diverse and dynamic world. Two summer experiences—each of which can be done abroad or domestically—will allow students to participate in one summer of service learning and one summer internship.

“At Arcadia, we pride ourselves on helping our students to achieve a global perspective through an education that integrates real-world experiences and allows research and creative engagement with our dedicated faculty,” said Jerry Greiner, President of Arcadia University.  

“Our three-year programs allow high-ability students to make their world turn a little faster. Their accelerated path to graduate school or the job market allows for cross-cultural study abroad experiences and helps to address affordability.”

The three-year degree format provides an accelerated degree program path for students who are able and willing to complete their degree programs within a shorter time. Students can choose from five majors: Business Administration; Communications, including concentrations in Print-Journalism, Video and Corporate; International Business and Culture; International Studies; and Psychology.

Arcadia’s three-year degree programs also help to reduce the cost of college. The three-year program eliminates one year of tuition and room and board, while including two summer experiences that can be customized to individual needs. These cross-cultural experiences can be done abroad or within the United States. A service project is completed after the first academic year, and a major-related internship is required after the second academic year.

The number of credits and the program requirements for the three-year programs remain the same as Arcadia’s traditional four-year format. Students participating in the three-year programs will take 16-20 credits per semester and are required to maintain a 3.00 overall grade-point-average. Read more in USA Today.