Arcadia Students Celebrate the Snow

By Purnell T. Cropper | March 2, 2010

By Sarah R. Schwartz ’10

While most members of community were busy shoveling, salting and grumbling their way out of Philadelphia’s record-breaking snowstorms, Arcadia students were celebrating an unexpected hiatus from classes.

New England native and Corporate Communications major Laura Parente ’13 is no stranger to snow. “The best part about having so many snow days is being able to have a few days off of classes and just relax,” she says. But there is definitely an art to making the most of a day off. Of course, hibernating is always an option. But when cabin fever sets in, how do Arcadians get out of their rooms and enjoy the fresh white terrain?

With Arcadia’s sloping landscape, sledding has always been a favorite pastime for snow-bound students. However, the apparatus seems to be undergoing a revision.

Dining hall food trays have always been popular sledding tackle, but Parkhurst, Arcadia’s dining services, has recently done away with these cafeteria-style implements as a part of their going-green initiative. Today, students are using large plastic garbage bags to catch a snowy ride.

How about creating a frosty art installation? Building snow people has always been a popular activity. A good old-fashioned snowball fight is always a favorite. Whether Arcadians are dividing up into teams or going it alone, the snow can be an effective stress reliever.

Of course, there are some who would rather not pelt friends and roommates with projectile snow. Maggie Reynolds ’10 likes to explore the elements. “If I do a snow activity, it is likely to be strapping on running spikes and trying to run in it. Curtis Arboretum down the road is gorgeous when it’s snowing,” she says.

Did You Have Fun in the Snow?

Share it with Arcadia’s community! In celebration of the record-breaking weather, students and alumni are invited to post their own ‘winter fun’ photos to