Danielle Frank: East Coast Meets West Coast

By Purnell T. Cropper | March 26, 2010

“I arrived at LAX with Miley Cyrus’ hit song, ‘Party in the USA’ stuck in my head, but, sadly, when I looked to the right, I did not see the Hollywood Sign. All I saw were the lights from the City of Angels which would be my home for the next three and a half months,” writes Danielle Frank, an Arcadia sophomore who is spending this semester at Whittier College. She wrote a column about her Semester Exchange Program experiences for the Quaker Campus newspaper last month.

“Over the course of this coming semester, I will be the East Coast girl who’s living a West Coast lifestyle,” Frank writes. “People around me continually discuss East Coast versus West Coast, and I cannot wait to experience and share my perspectives on the two. Within the next three months you will find me at one of the many beaches, a Dodgers game (even though I am an avid Phillies fan), Downtown LA, Orange County, Uptown Whittier and exploring local neighborhoods as well as the cultures.” Read her featured column.