Biology Students Present Posters at Sigma Xi Research Symposium

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 4, 2010

The Biology Department took more than a dozen students to the 21st annual Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia on April 23 to present original research from their laboratory thesis projects.

Sophia Japhet and William Shindel presented a poster on “Evolution of insulator sequences in D. melanogaster and D. simulans related with differences in response to odorants.”

Maame O. Dankwa presented a poster on “Resolving ordinal level issues within the brown algae (Phaeophyceae) using chloroplast and nuclear genes,” with her thesis mentor Dr. Naomi Phillips, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Marissa Dennis presented a poster on “Dissecting the Mechanism of Prolonged STAT1 Phosphorylation in Interferon Gamma Stimulated Neurons.” Her thesis mentor is Dr. Wes Rose, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Stephanie Evans presented a poster on “Activation Kinetics of the Janus kinases in IFNγ-stimulated CNS neurons.” Rose is her thesis mentor.

Lisa Durso presented a poster on “Deciphering the Negative Feedback Mechanisms Controlling the Interferon-Gamma Response in Central Nervous System Neurons.” Her mentor is Rose.

Morgan Wrzeszcz and Allison Ulrich presented a poster on “Analysis of CTCF-bound insulators in the species of D. melanogaster and D. virilis using immunohistochemistry of polytene chromosomes.” Their thesis mentor is Dr. Sheryl Smith, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Karen Jessup presented a poster on “Genetic Relationships Among Snakes Using Different Hibernating Sites Within a Population of Timber Rattlesnakes in North Central Pennsylvania.” Her thesis mentor is Dr. Lauretta Bushar, Associate Professor and Chair if Biology.

Melissa Kenney presented a poster on “Reverse sexual-size dimorphism in raptors: variance across latitude.” Her thesis mentor is Dr. Lauren Howard, Assistant Professor of Biology.