Staff Present at NAFSA, with Focus on Health and Safety

By Purnell T. Cropper | June 8, 2010

Staff from The College of Global Studies and the Office of International Affairs made nine presentations, including seminars, workshops and posters, at the annual conference of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, May 30 through June 4, in Kansas City. Much of the focus was on health and safety issues.

Arlene Snyder, Arcadia’s Director of Health, Safety and Security, participated in four workshops and seminars and was quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education article “Study-Abroad Programs Should Be Prepared for Mental-Health Crises, Speakers Advise.”

“For one, they can encourage students to voluntarily disclose any mental-health concerns,” wrote Karin Fischer. “Arlene Snyder, director of health, safety, and security at Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies, likened the situation to a diabetic going overseas. ‘If you had a diabetic in need of insulin, you wouldn’t just put them on a plane,’ she said. ‘We also need to think about mental-health issues in a medical way.’ Ms. Snyder recommended sharing a list of students preparing to study in a foreign country with staff members in counseling and student-life offices. While those staffers cannot give out information about students’ medical status because of federal-privacy regulations, they can reach out directly to the students to talk to them about whether to go abroad and what precautions to take.”

Other Arcadia staff involved in workshops, seminars and session included Margaret Walter, Nikki Christensen, Andrew Downs, Laura Baldwin, David Rudd and Jan Finn. Read more about their topics.

The College also hosted special receptions with Colin Ireland, Arcadia Resident Director for Ireland, and Duncan deSilva, Arcadia Resident Director for Great Britain.