Class of 2014: Move-In Day, Passports Ready

By whitlocd | August 31, 2010

By Sarah R. Schwartz ’10

On Friday morning, Aug. 27, the new students who make up the Class of 2014 moved into campus housing. While discussing the exciting adventures ahead, parents and students spent some emotionally charged moments together putting clothes away, making beds, and arranging posters. Visions of spring break Previews also danced in their heads.

“I have my passport, and I’m ready to go!” says Jordyn Austin ’14, an International Studies major with a Creative Writing minor, was all smiles arranging the last few items into her room. “I’m looking forward to starting class and just getting used to being at college and starting that whole new adventure,” she says. Austin plans to go to London for Spring Preview and hopes to study abroad in Spain her junior year. “I’m excited. Just send me anywhere! ”

History major Kaitlin Babbit’14, a native of Carson City, Nev., arrived in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night with her mother. “I’m super excited about living in the Castle and just being here, actually,” she says. Babbit plans to attend Spain Preview in the spring and hopes to return to Europe for a semester abroad in her junior year.

“I am extremely proud of Kaitlin. I’m not anxious because I know she’s in the right place,” says Babbit’s mother. We’ll keep in touch with a lot of text messages and phone calls.”

Babbitt’s new roommate, Stephanie Feldman ’14, is most excited about just getting into the swing of things. “I’ve loved this school from my first visit, and knew I had to come here. The location was right. I wanted to be close to a city but still have a real campus. The study abroad program and Psychology Department were exactly what I had always wanted.” Feldman will be participating in the First Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE) London program in the spring.

Acting major Connor Feimster ’14 from Paoli, Pa., first learned about Arcadia from a high school visit. He is looking forward to settling in and getting to work. “I know that the Arcadia’s Theater program is really hands-on with the Philadelphia theater community, so I’m really excited about that. My adviser is Kathryn Petersen, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts, who I auditioned for—I’m very excited to work with her.”

“It’s going to be a little hard going home to an empty place, but leaving him here and knowing he’s in a really good place makes it easier,” says Feimster’s mother. “We’ve been in love with this place since the first visit—all the info sessions and orientations. We’re so happy to be here.”

Mass Communications major, Camilo Rico ’14 had a short drive from Philadelphia, Pa., and is looking forward to his First Year Seminar Apocalypse: The End of Days, Yet Again with Dr. Kathleen M. Pearle, Adjunct Professor of History.

His father, Mario Rico, reflects, “I’m happy for him as he becomes independent. It’s a wonderful place to be.”