Shandell Has Essay Published in Journal of American Drama & Theatre

By whitlocd | November 30, 2010

Jonathan Shandell, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts, has had an essay published in the Fall 2010 issue of The Journal of American Drama and Theatre. The essay is titled “The Inheritors of Inheritors: How Susan Glaspell Inspired the Hedgerow Theatre.”

Shandell investigates the history of the Hedgerow Theatre of Moylan-Rose Valley, Pa., founded in 1923 and renowned for many years as America’s only permanent repertory theatre. The Hedgerow’s favorite play, Inheritors, written by Susan Glaspell in 1920, chronicles forty years of life in a small Midwestern town, and examines contentious issues of race, citizenship and geopolitics in American life.

Shandell’s also explores the various connections between the substance of Inheritors and the public identity and artistic activities of the Hedgerow Theatre as an influential ensemble in mid-20th Century American theatre. The Journal of American Drama and Theatre is a leading peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to scholarship on American drama and theatre history.