Preview Leaders Named for Spring 2011

By Purnell T. Cropper | December 21, 2010

Janice Finn, Associate Dean of International Affairs, has announced the faculty and staff members selected for the annual Arcadia spring break tradition since 1994—Preview!

Preview is a spring break experience for first-year students and transfer students at Arcadia University. Arcadia faculty and staff mentors lead the students on Preview. During its inaugural year in 1994 there were 140 student participants, and the program has grown to hundreds of students each year.

Preview 2011 kicks off with an expanded menu of opportunities for first-year students, offering the traditional non-credit experience in London along with nine 2-credit course options: England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain (two sites), Mexico, France and New Zealand, and for the first time Preview will be available to a U.S. location, Los Angeles. Preview for transfer students also expands this year, adding a Spring 2011 semester course with travel to Austria along with a course with travel to Italy over spring break, March 11 to 18. Each 2-credit course runs from late January until early April.

ID181: Peace and Reconciliation in Ireland

  • Warren Haffar (International Peace and Cconflict Resolution, International Affairs), Tim Barton (The Ccllege of Global Studies)
  • Barbara Erickson (Biology)

ID181: London’s Cultural History

  • Sandi Hordis (English), Melissa Huggins (English)
  • Christopher Cerski  (Business and Political Science)
  • Margaret Nolan (Business/Health Administration/Economics)

ID181: Storytelling in Scotland

  • Peter Appelbaum (Education)
  • Kim Dean (Education)
  • Larissa Gordon (Library/IT)
  • Kim Quandt (Chemistry/Physics)

ID181: Spain in the Mediterranean World

  • Samer Abboud (International Studies)
  • Jennifer Mitchell (Graduate and Professional Studies)

ID181: Spain and Catalonian Nationalism

  • Amy Cox (International Peace and Conflict Resolution/Political Science)
  • Kate Bryant (International Affairs)

ID181: Paris: City of Lights

  • Bonnie Hayes (Fine Arts)
  • Edith Stetser (Modern Languages)

ID181: Paris: City of Lights

  • Anton Koslov (International Peace and Conflict Resolution/Political Science)
  • Sue Gettlin (University Relations)

ID181: Service Learning in the Real Mexico

  • Alan Powell (English, Communications, Theater)
  • Erica Davila (Education)
  • Erin Hesler (The College of Global Studies)

ID181: Crossing Cultures and Creating Connections in Los Angeles

  • Ana Maria Garcia (Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice)
  • Graciela Slesaransky-Poe (Education)

ID181: Identities and Categories:  Race, Culture and Contemporary New Zealand

  • Jon Church (Anthropology/Sociology/Criminal Justice)
  • Sandy Devine (Anthropology/Sociology/Criminal Justice)

ID381: From Sicily to the Italian Market: Global Migration in the Italian/U.S. context

  • Ellen Skilton-Sylvester (Education)
  • Michelle Reale (Library/IT)

ID381: Vienna: From History to Modernity

  • Geoff Haywood (History/International Studies)
  • Helen Cohan (ID)
  • Richard  Conroy (The College of Global Studies)

London Through the Looking Glass

  • Joshua Isard (English, Communications, Theater)
  • Kevin McGann (Enrollment Management)
  • Meghan O’Meara (Student Health Services)
  • Rochelle Peterson (Education)
  • Rhiannon Visinsky (ID)
  • Tiffany Still (Enrollment Management)

At-large Alternates

  • Jaymie Bowles (Facilities)
  • Elaine Jones (Psychology)
  • Andrea Crivelli-Kovach (Medical Science/Community Health)
  • Alicia Sinha-Thomas (The College of Global Studies)
  • Peter Siskind (History/International Studies)
  • Renee Starr (Computer Science/Math)